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Chemical Distribution

At Ideal Chemicals, we source chemicals from the premier global chemical manufacturers. Our scale, geographic reach, diversified distribution channels, industry expertise, and comprehensive product portfolio enable us to develop strong, long-term relationships with our suppliers and to provide a single-source solution for our customers.

Warehouse Distribution

Ideal’s warehouse distribution business is the core of our operations. We purchase chemicals in truck load or larger quantities to connect large chemical producers with smaller customers. Our network of warehouses allows us to service most customers from multiple locations, enabling us to move products efficiently and economically on a real-time basis.

Product availability and inventory management

We manage inventory to meet customer demands on short notice. Our role in the supply chain enables us to obtain access to chemicals in times of short supply, and our global distribution network permits us to stock products locally, enhancing just-in-time delivery and providing outsourced inventory management.

Scale and operational efficiencies

Our geographic reach offers significant operational efficiencies in procurement, purchasing scale and supplier relationships. As one of the world’s largest independent chemical distributors, we are able to leverage our cost structure by aggregating demand and implementing best practices throughout the supply chain

Extra Neutral Alcohol (Ethanol) Distribution

Extra Neutral Alcohol is a food grade alcohol with 98.0% alcohol strength. It is the company’s major product with 85% as its share of sales. The product is used as a basic alcohol in distilled spirits like Vodka,  Gin etc.

In the pharmaceutical industry, Extra Neutral Alcohol is a prime carrier for a whole spectrum of medicines and is therefore used for processing a wide range of drugs. It is also a good disinfectant as methylated spirit.

Ideal Chemicals  & Allied Distributors Limited deals with the best brands from INDIA, CANADA, and PAKISTAN.


Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Ideal Chemicals & Allied Distributors Ltd. is your premier global supply chain solutions partner, with proven experience in the primary and secondary pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Our portfolio includes products along the medicinal production chain, where we offer a broad portfolio of excipients, solvents, reactants, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), and intermediates. In this, we work with customers in the human and veterinary markets.

We understand our customers have unique needs requiring custom solutions. Our team of dedicated pharmaceutical specialists—experts in technical, regulatory, and quality—has the flexibility to develop solutions to your manufacturing challenges, improving total costs of operation while providing a secure source of supply.


Cosmetics Raw Materials

We offer a broad palette of exceptional raw materials for the cosmetics and personal care sector. We work together with reputable manufacturers of raw and active materials from across the globe, where we value long-term collaborations based on partnership.

We deliver tailor-made solutions for your applications with our reliable quality and individual advice. Our professional team of application technicians and sales specialists are at your service. Our experienced technicians have in-depth industry knowledge and would be happy to advise you on site