Lanolin Anhydrous 1Kg


• 100% Pure Anhydrous Lanolin.
• Organic, USP Grade and Ultra refined to provide you with a high quality product.
• Lanolin has a multitude of uses and is typically used is cosmetics, toiletries and lotions.
• This Lanolin can be used as an organic alternative to nipple butter, diaper rash cream, hair styling creams and an overall body moisturizer.
• This Lanolin is 100% pure, which means the only ingredient is Lanolin. This product is natural and free from any additives, colors, dyes and fragrances.



Super Great Price! We have secured a special deal from a USA direct Harvester of Lanolin. 100% Pure Anhydrous Lanolin Ultra Refined USP Grade also known as Wool Wax. This Lanolin is suitable for making the highest quality products for skin moisturizing and humectant properties in cosmetic, toiletries and hand lotions. 100% Pure Anhydrous USP Grade Lanolin Ultra Refined for superior purity.
Lanolin Anhydrous 1Kg USP Grade Anhydrous Ultra Refined 100% Pure Skin Moisturizer quantity


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