Ethyl Alcohol 99.5%

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  • High purity at 99.5% ethanol
  • good for use on hard floors, kitchen counter, sinks, tile, hand rails and metal
  • All our products are packaged safely to ensure no leaks
  • For laboratory or school chemistry lab use only. Do not apply on skin. Keep out of reach of children
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Ethyl alcohol is used in:

– Pharmacy as an external antiseptic for the disinfection of hands and surgical instruments

– perfumes for the production of cosmetics, as the main component of aerosols, perfumes, colognes, and is also part of such cosmetics as shampoos, shower gels, toothpastes

– In auto repair shops, this liquid is used for degreasing a metal surface, for painting a body, cleaning aggregates (ethyl alcohol EA8099)

– for domestic needs, it is space heating, cooking, detergent and a hand sanitizer (for example ethyl alcohol EA8099), to clean the surface of grease and oils

– the chemical industry is a solvent, it is used as a raw material for the production of certain chemicals, a component in the production of glass cleaning liquids for automobiles (we have products with different freezing temperatures and different packaging).

– in the printing industry as a solvent for washing equipment. We offer both a pure product (ethyl alcohol EA8099) and as a mixture where 90% ethanol and 10% ethyl acetate is a solvent product EE-9010.

– in the paint and varnish industry is used for the production of stains, dyes, solvents for flushing equipment.

– in the glass industry for degreasing surfaces

– in the leather industry, this is an essential element in tanning leather

– in electronics: in the manufacture of microcircuits, as a necessary substance for the maintenance of equipment (for example, for cleaning it).

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