Extra Neutral Alcohol (Ethanol)

The Extra Neutral alcohol or ENA is a high distillated alcohol without any impurity. ENA is used for the production of alcoholic beverages such as whisky, vodka, gin, cane, liqueurs and alcoholic fruit beverages, as well as in the high cosmetic industry and perfumeries. It's the company's major product with 85% as its share of sales. Available in HDPE Drums at min. 96% alcohol strength.


Industrial Chemicals

Industrial Chemicals are Chemicals developed or manufactured for use in industrial operations or research. Bulk industrial chemicals form the basic building blocks of many industries, including construction, pharmaceuticals, water treatment etc. At Ideal chemicals, we specialize in marketing, transporting, storing, and handling these essential mid-stream materials.



We understand that new molecules and their production have to meet stringent requirements for quality, efficacy and efficiency.
We support the agrochemical industry with a broad range of products and technologies, majorly by supplying them the basic raw materials and active ingredients, produced according to the strictest standards for safety and quality.


Ethanol Distribution

Ideal Chemicals & Allied Distributors provide link between chemical manufacturers and chemical users across Nigeria.


Sanitizer & Disinfectant.

Get industrial disinfectant and sanitizer products to help keep your facility clean and germ-free, especially cafeterias and break rooms.

Water treatment chemicals

We supply Industrial water treatment chemicals across Nigeria

Pharmaceutical chemicals

lab research & biotech chemical supplier for the bio industry.


Our methanol is a chemical solvent with high purity, reaching 99.8% min.

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Ideal Chemicals & Allied Distributors Ltd is a major marketer of ethanol, pharmaceutical and other industrial chemicals in Nigeria. Our major product is Extra Neutral Alcohol or ENA, which is a food graded alcohol at minimum 96.00% alcohol strength.ENA is a high distillated alcohol without impurities and can be used in the high cosmetic industry, perfumeries as well as for the production of alcoholic beverages such as whisky, vodka, gin, cane, liqueurs and alcoholic fruit beverages. Not only do we wish to provide you with excellent quality chemical products, but also hope to improve the bottom line of your business.

We provide supply chain solutions to our customers for chemicals, minerals and other raw materials. Service is central to what we offer as a chemical distributor to a wide range of industries and applications.

We believe in building to positively impact communities, infrastructure and the economy. We take great pride in being proactive with our approach to business, while ensuring that the best interests of our customers are represented at every stage.

We are serious about our values. And in the context of those values we render a comprehensive customer focused services.

A personal and professional commitment to proactively protecting the well-being of our employees, our contractors, our customers and the people of the communities in which we operate.

  • Dedicated managers ensure products meet all required standard
  • Quality control system for all product samples
  • Compliance with all international safety and regulatory requirements.